FAQs & Other tips

Q: How do I hang my flowers if I can’t attach to walls?
A: When hanging flowers I always recommend mounting tape, command strips, a ribbon or wire
on the back (see picture tutorial below), however for some of you that may not be an option if you
are using an event space. In this case I recommend going to your local hardware store and using
PVC to build a light weight frame. You can then cover it with fabric or attach a thick poster board
and then attach all your flowers as desired with a hot glue gun.

Q: What kind of paper should I use?
A: Use high quality cardstock for best results. I’ve used 176gram/65lb weighted. You can find a
variety of
colors and textures at most craft stores. I use Hobby Lobby & Michaels craft store. And here is
one online source I love to use.

Q: How many sheets of paper will it take to make one flower?
A: Extra large will take about 16-17 sheets. Large about 10-11 sheets. Medium about 5-6 sheets
of 8.5 x 11 cardstock.

Q: What other supplies will I need?
A: Sharp craft scissors (this is important, dull scissors will not make clean cut edges)
- Glue gun & sticks
- Optional shaping mat and rolling tool (small flowers) Find here:
- Patience, everybody makes mistakes and needs time to learn a little. If your first flower
doesn’t turn out perfect just try again!

- View our full supply list here!

Q: What if I don’t have a cutting machine?
A: Don’t worry I do my best to design petals (especially giant flowers) that are simple enough in
nature to hand cut.
For small bouquet flowers cutting machines are recommended, although I do provide an outline
of the petals if you wish to print and hand cut the small flowers. Of course this process takes
longer and a lot of patience. But if you are ambitious, then go for it!
Please make sure you print using the PDF format for hand cutting. Print on a heavy 65-90lb
cardstock (laminate if you can) and use the templates to trace and cut on any paper. This is meant
to be a trace and cut approach.
An outline PDF option is also included if you wish to run cardstock through your printer and cut
out following a printed line, however this process takes extra time, could cause a printer to jam
FAQ/ Hanging Flowers

Q: What sizes do you offer?
A: Blooming Backdrop Collection (giant flowers)- A majority of my templates are large & will
make about a 13 inch flower in diameter. I also sell XL versions with a 5th petal addition that
make about a 17 inch flower in diameter.

Q: What if I want my flowers to be even bigger than that?
A: If you wish for this to be larger you can always add an additional layer using the largest petal,
this usually increases the size by about 2 inches. But the best method for enlarging the petals if
you don’t have a cutting machine is to either send them to a printer for enlargement or use the
PNG image included to enlarge to your desired size in Mircosoft publisher or a similar program.
Please keep in mind that you can generally only buy nice colored card stock in 8.5x11 or 12x12
so don’t enlarge the templates so big that you can’t cut the petals out.

Q: How do I access the files?

♥Your zip files can be found right after payment clears. We will send an email with a receipt that can take you to your files. 

♥♥ Please download on a computer and not a phone. If you need help un-zipping the files please simply contact me and let me know which file type you prefer (PDF or SVG) and I will email them.

Q: Can I sell the flowers I make with these templates?
A: Selling the flower designs is allowed only under an Seller's license agreement.

You will need to purchase this from Catching Colorflies prior to selling any flowers.
The main rules with the event license is that you must sell these flower either through a personal
site, blog, social media account or an offline event business.

  • Designs may not be re-sold on Etsy.
  • Templates may never be resold under any conditions.
  • All copyrights ultimately remain with Catching Colorflies.
  • A single line of credit is much appreciated when using the templates.
  • Perks of using our templates for flower making include being featured on all
  • our social medias and regular email lists.

If you are interested in the event license please contact me at
Thank you for shopping with Catching Colorflies!
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