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Eden Garden Style Paper Rose

Posted by Abigail Cain on Feb 12th 2017

Eden Garden Style Paper Rose

Eden Garden Style Paper Rose Tutorial

Eden Garden Rose Tutorial

DIY Paper Rose How To

Easy DIY paper flower Eden style rose with templates and full video tutorial.

I hope I'm not boring my readers too much with more paper flower tutorials! I know they never bored me!

I have been in love and playing around with paper rose designs since September.

And my latest rose, Eden style, is what I will be sharing with you all today.

Let's go over supplies and petal count real quick:

  • Scissor and/or cutting machine
  • Circle punch
  • Eden templates
  • Glue gun
  • Rolling tool

Petal count

Version shown here is a large flower. Start with the petal count from 1st layer for an XL or from 2nd layer to build the large size shown here.

  • 1st layer- 8 petals
  • 2nd layer- 8 petals
  • 3rd layer- 8 petals
  • 4th layer- 6 petals
  • 2 centerpieces
  • 1- 3 inch circle

If you are using a cutting machine and

need help with proper petal layout watch this quick guide I made. :)

Start with cutting slits at the bottom of all petals.

And overlap slightly.

Curl edges back. I'm using a fondont rolling tool found at most craft stores.

Lay your circle out and begin gluing the petals 4 at a time around as shown.

Glue the last 4 of the 1st layer petals (largest petals) in between the first 4.

For your 2nd layer of petals, 4 will have both edges curled back and 4 will have 1 edge curled back and 1 edge curled forward.

Glue first 4 of the 2nd layer in.

Glue the last 4 in of the 2nd layer of petals.

You should have 1 set of 6 petals left. Curl all these inward. This is your 3rd layer. (Would be your 4th layer if you were making the XL version; shown in the video below)

Moving onto the center. Wrap the 2 opposites sides around each other.

Repeat again.

Glue the first centerpiece on top of the second one.

Glue 2 of the 6 smallest left over petals onto the bottom of the centerpiece.

Glue the last 4 remaining petals in as shown.

Add in the centerpiece, and voila!

Watch the full length video tutorial for the extra large version of Eden style rose here!

You can always view dozens of tutorials for free on our growing Youtube channel.

If you enjoyed please share! And don't forget if you subscribe you get the Priscilla style flower template for FREE!

And share will me how you plan to use paper flowers to decorate below in the comments. I love hearing my readers creative ideas too!

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