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The Art of Paper Flowers Series


I believe I can turn anyone who has a desire to learn, and the patience to practice, into an expert paper crafter after I finish my books.The first of 3 part series will be released April 25th!

I plan to offer a total of 3 volumes making up a 3 part series on building giant paper flowers because there is so much material that trying to pack it all into one book would probably lead to the Guinness world record of longest ebook ever!


Volume 1- The Art of Giant Paper Flower

The book is finally here! After 7 years of paper crafting I am sharing all my secrets to giant paper flowers in this book release!
The Art of Giant Paper Flowers’ is every DIY-ers dream.  If you love to DIY for your personal events this book is for you.
Giant paper flowers are the easy and trendy décor that can add the perfect touch of playful or sophisticated decoration to any event.
From wedding backdrops, to baby showers, to bridal showers, or the perfect touch to a themed party; the possibilities are endless.
What is included?
The book teaches 24 tutorials including
  • 3 different easy methods of building paper flowers (basic method, four petal method, roll method)
  • Easy pompom center
  • How to build giant roses
  • Creating center variations
  • Creating giant leaves
  • Petal curling variations
  • Hanging a paper flower
  • Building a backdrop
  • Stemming a giant flower
  • Full supply list (scissors,card stock, glue gun etc)
  • And much more!
Arielle style flower. Included in the ebook. 
16 flower templates are included in this ebook. (All Rights Reserved)
  • 7 Original Giant Rose Templates
  • 9 Original Giant Flower Templates
  • 1 Rosette Center
  • 2 Leaf Templates
Names of the flowers included: (view college images to preview their individual look)
  • Arielle Style
  • Everly Style
  • Priscilla Style
  • Bella Rose
  • Giant Dahlia
  • Hibiscus
  • Eden Rose
  • Majesty Rose
  • Sybelle Rose
  • Rosie Rose
  • Regina Rose
  • Small Regina Rose
  • Alana Style
  • Charlotte Style
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Giant Peony
  • Giselle Style
  • Rosette center
  • Rose leaf
  • Basic leaf
This book is of incredible value, since my templates sell individually for $5 each and you will be receiving 16 templates! That’s a 60% savings!
This special price will only last the first 3 days of the book release then it goes up.
Hop over to our site and add this gem to your cart now.
Get started making these fun and pretty paper flowers today! We offer secure checkout through any major credit card and Paypal as well.
After purchasing, you will receive a link in your confirmation email to download the ebook. If you created an account with us you can also log in and find it under your order history.
If you have any trouble accessing the ebook send me a message through the contact page with your order number and I will be happy to help.  
Hibiscus style flower. Included in the ebook.
Selling the flowers
If you are wishing to re-sell the flowers made from these templates you must acquire a Seller’s License and agree to the terms of use before selling any flowers.
Otherwise, the flower designs are intended for personal event and family event use. Purchasing a license is only required if you intend to sell the flowers for monetary gain. Re-selling the templates themselves in NEVER allowed.
All Catching Colorflies Incorporated flower designs are protected intellectual property, under U.S copyright law. Please do not infringe on my work! Thank you!


Giant Dahlia flowers. Included in the ebook. 




Volume 2- The art of bouquet flowers

Volume 2, God willing, will be released by Winter 2017 and will teach you how to design beautiful stemmed paper flowers for bouquets, arrangements, corsages, boutonnieres and more!

Volume 3- The art of paper designs

The final book, planning to be released Spring 2018 will have dozens of project ideas for paper flower uses for events or around the home. From creative centerpiece arrangements, escort cards, garland, pomanders and so much more!


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