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FAQs & Other tips

Q: What kind of paper should I use?

A: Use high quality cardstock for best results. I’ve used 176gram/65lb weighted. You can find a variety of colors and textures at most craft stores. I use Hobby Lobby & Michaels Crafts the most (US only). If you don’t have many local options view this article I wrote on Top 10 best craft sites. I include paper online sources.


Q: What other supplies will I need?

Q: What if I don’t have a cutting machine?

A: Don’t worry I do my best to design petals that are simple enough in nature to hand cut (certain templates I note whether or not it is highly recommend for a machine). Of course this process takes longer and a lot of patience. But if you are ambitious, then go for it!

Please make sure you print using the PDF format for hand cutting. Print on a heavy cardstock (laminate if you can) and use the templates to trace and cut on any paper. This is meant to be a trace and cut approach. I do offer some ‘outline only’ templates in the shop if you want to print directly onto your card stock to cut. But that method does take a lot longer and costs you more ink.

Q: How do I lay out my petals proportionally with my cutting machine?

A: I’ve provided a tutorial here that helps with that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyujdOeOpts.

If you have any problems opening the SVG into cricut design space or studio try using the PNG image.

Q: Do you have any other instructions other than what is included?

A: Blooming Backdrop Collection (Giant Flowers) - For the backdrop flowers in the shop a basic universal method is included since they all require similar steps. I do have several large flower Youtube videos available as well (link at bottom).  

Petite Petals Collection (Small Flowers) If you have purchased a smaller flower template (bouquet size) I usually have a specific video for each of these flowers. If you don’t see one, the methods are all very similar with layering and such.

Q: I’ve noticed a variety of flower centers with the large paper flowers in the example photos, how to I create these? 

A: The basic instructions come with a simple pompom center. However, I do have many different templates in the shop that I use to create different centers. These centers are sold separately such as the rosettes centers. You can use a small flower punch (craft stores) with embellishments, or use the Petite Petal Collection (small flowers) to create a center for the backdrop flowers.

Q: Can I use the same templates to build different looks?

A: Absolutely!  Creating different looks using the same templates is a matter of a different tweak here and there; try rolling your petals inward instead of outward or adding creases to the center of the flowers, be creative! Here is a video with some different ideas on how to fold the giant petals.  


Q: How do I hang my flowers if I can’t attach to walls?

A: When hanging flowers I always recommend command strips, a ribbon or wire loop on the back, however for some of you that may not be an option if you are using an event space. In this case I recommend going to your local hardware store and using PVC to build a light weight frame. You can then cover it with fabric or attach thick poster board and then attach all your flowers as desired with a hot glue gun.  

Q: What sizes do you offer?  

A: Blooming Backdrop Collection (giant flowers)-  A majority of my templates are large & will make about a 13 inch flower in diameter. I also sell XL versions with a 5th petal addition that make about a 17 inch flower in diameter.

Q: What if I want my flowers to be even bigger than that?

A: If you wish for this to be larger you can always add an additional layer using the largest petal, this usually increases the size by about 2 inches. But the best method for enlarging the petals if you don’t have a cutting machine is to either send them to a printer for enlargement or use the PNG image included to enlarge to your desired size in Mircosoft publisher or a similar program. Please keep in mind that you can generally only buy nice colored card stock in 8.5x11 or 12x12 so don’t enlarge the templates so big that you can’t cut the petals out.

Q: How many flowers would I need to make if I want to create a 4x5 ft backdrop?

A: I get this question a lot as the answer varies a bit for everybody, but for a decent size backdrop you will need about 25-30 flowers plus abundant greenery if desired. If you don’t want greenery you may need more flowers like 35-40.

Q: How many flowers will I need to build a bouquet?

A: For a bridal size bouquet I recommend 24-26 stemmed flowers. For bridesmaids usually 18-20 flowers is good. You can find full bouquet tutorial and more info on my Youtube channel.

Still have questions? Feel free to send me a message. As always I am here to help! J

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Happy flower making!


Kindly read the info below. Years of hard work have gone into my designs and building a living; please do not infringe on my products. Please respect my work.

All Paper to Petal Designs Incorporation and products of Catching Colorflies are strictly copyrighted.

  • Please do NOT share, resell or redistribute our products!
  • Uses for Paper flowers and templates are for personal and non profit use only. Please do not copy designs, resell or alter designs or templates.
  • Using flower templates for creating similar flower designs and selling is prohibited.


I do offer a limited amount of Event Credit Licenses a year. This is an annual cost and the license allows for use of my flowers OFF-LINE. In other words you can sell my flowers if you are an event coordinator or wedding planner. A single line of CREDIT to my shop will still be REQUIRED. Templates are never to be resold under ANY conditions. And you may not resell my designs on Etsy.

If you have any questions or have spotted a copyright infringement please feel free to contact me.

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